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At J.K. Carriere we understand that distraction is the lesser part of valor and therefore try our damnedest not to be. Our focus is on high acid, smooth tannin, classically built Pinot noir and a very small quantity of mineral-oriented Chardonnay. It’s our understanding that there are only 365 opportunities to focus in any given year . . . and a few must be reserved for skis and fly-rods.

We invite you to explore our small family of distinct wines:

Vespidae Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Your Saturday night dinner party of eight... or two is where the J.K. Carriere Willamette Valley Pinot Noir really shines. It is beautifully elegant, and as a staple on your table it will consistently make you a hero. This wine is the cornerstone of our winery. If you have to lay only one of our wines in your cellar, this is it. $42/bottle, 2011 vintage currently available as well as 2007 WV Pinot library selection ($50)

Glass Willamette Valley White Pinot Noir
A lazy summer evening patio is the perfect place for the aptly named J.K. Carriere "Glass" Willamette Valley White Pinot Noir. Yes, white Pinot noir, or rather, an unpretentious, utterly dry and serious rosé. It’s fashioned in the manner of a turn-of-the-century rosé Champagne, with no bubbles, a slight spritz and a luscious ripe sip-of-summer taste. $20/bottle. 2012 vintage sold out; 2013 available May 2014.

Provocateur Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
A Friday night party with friends is the province of J.K. Carriere "Provocateur" Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Sometimes you just want good wine for a great price, but you really do want good wine. This wallet-friendly Pinot noir has more than enough verve to pull friends away from the other bottles on the counter. $26/bottle, 2011 vintage sold out; 2012 available May 2014.

Lucidité Willamette Valley Chardonnay
In 2005, we quietly began making a small amount of classic chardonnay built in an old-world style, with a dominance of savory and mineral over fruit. Barrel fermented cold and aged in older French oak barrels, it delivers high flavor, high acid and no obvious oak. From the moment the deep gold color hits your glass it represents. We think you’ll find it classic. $32/bottle. 2011 vintage currently available.

J.K. Carriere Limited Bottling Pinot Noirs
That special occasion, now or ten years from now, when second-best just won't do, is the domain of the J.K. Carriere Limited Bottlings. Taken as two- and three-barrel lots, they are chosen to deliver all that Pinot noir can be. Adorned with names like Antoinette, Shea Vineyard, Anderson Family and Gemini Vineyard, these Pinot noirs are the pinnacles of the cellar, best-barrrel selected as head-and-shoulders above anything else. $65/bottle, 2011 vintages currently available.

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